Benefits of Engineered Lumber Flooring

Benefits of Engineered Lumber Flooring

Consider the benefits of engineered lumber over traditional lumber for this project. If you’re not familiar with engineered lumber, read on to learn more.

When you’re working on a project for your home, you have a lot of materials to choose from. First, you have to narrow it down to the type of material. For instance, for a fence you could choose between wood, metal, vinyl, and a handful of other options. Once you’ve decided on the type of material, you still have options: multiple species of wood from pine to cedar, or choosing between aluminum, iron, and steel for metal. If your project is to replace the floors in your home, you are probably leaning pretty heavily towards wood. If so, consider the benefits of engineered lumber over traditional lumber for this project. If you’re not familiar with engineered lumber, read on for a quick review of the benefits it provides.

Incredible Durability

While natural lumber boards are simply cut from the tree, engineered wood is many layers of plywood bonded together to form the core of the board and then topped with a solid wood outer layer. This means that it is much more durable over time. That outer layer looks and acts like natural wood, because it is, but it is bonded to an incredibly strong and durable core.

Less Expansion

Since engineered wood is constructed into planks with a plywood core, expansion and contraction doesn’t happen in the same way as natural wood planks. Over time, you will experience significantly less expansion and contraction of your engineered wood products, making them a much better choice, particularly for flooring. The process of contracting and expanding in natural wood floors can lead to gaps and cracks over time that make your floor less sturdy and harder to keep clean. This will not be such an issue with engineered lumber.

Can Still Be Treated Like Wood

Engineered wood looks and can be treated like wood because it is made from wood. It comes in a variety of species and grains, and it can be sanded and refinished. It has all of the flexibility of traditional wood planks, but with added benefits.

Can Have Wider Planks

Engineered wood planks can be produced in wider styles than traditional wood without needing to pay a premium. Traditional planks in wide width have to come from larger trees, but that isn’t the case with engineered wood, since it is constructed on a plywood base. Engineered wood even comes already laid out into popular patterns on the plank: if you want a chevron or parquet floor, you can have it in real wood, without all of the added time and expense.

Cost Effective

Finally, many people are hesitant about engineered lumber because they think it will unreasonably expensive. The truth is that engineered lumber is a very cost effective solution. It won’t break your budget, especially given the many benefits it has. You want your floors to last a long time, and engineered lumber will. It is also easy to install, even for a DIY’er, making it an even better value.

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