5 Reasons Homeowners Love Composite Decking

5 Reasons Homeowners Love Composite Decking

Deciding on the material of your deck can be a tough decision. Read on for five reasons why composite decking is a favorite choice.

Your deck is a beautiful addition to your home, providing the perfect outdoor living space that you can use for cooking and dining, entertaining, or simply relaxing outside. That is, it will be all those things once you have it installed in your yard. In the meantime, you’re faced with several decisions including how large the deck should be, what shape it should be, and what materials to use. The material question is often the hardest because there are so many options to choose from. Most decks are built on a frame of pressure-treated lumber, and then the decking boards, steps, and railings are made of the material that you choose (such as traditional lumber, IPE, or composite). Read on for five reasons why many homeowners fall in love with composite decking for their backyard decks.


Composite decking offers superior durability over other decking materials on the market. It can stand up to years of harsh weather, beating sun, and of course the weight of all of the furniture and guests that you plan to have on the deck. Composite decking combines great strength and resistance to wear and tear. 


Composite decking is an exceptionally safe choice for your family. In addition to being very strong and durable, as described above, it also will not wear down and splinter over time. As traditional wood weathers, it will eventually start to break off and those tender kid feet will be at risk for splinters. Splinters are never a risk with composite. 

The Green Choice

Composite decking is a very environmentally friendly choice. Traditional lumber is typically heralded as a good environmental choice as well since lumber is renewable, but composite takes this one step further. Composite is a combination of wood and plastic and generally uses scrap or recycled lumber rather than newly cut trees. Composites can even use recycled plastic, one of the hardest materials to reuse and recycle. Overall it is an extremely environmentally friendly choice. 


Composite decking does not need to be repainted or stained. In fact, it requires very little maintenance. You may need to wash it by hosing it down periodically (or for particularly stubborn dirt, perhaps some light power washing), but that should be it. 

Color Options

Composite also comes in a variety of colors and finishes. Not only are you not limited in your choice, but you can be sure that it won’t fade over time. You’ll have the same beautiful color year after year. 

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