Basic Builder Supplies Everyone Should Have

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A power drill is optimal for projects that require more than a few nails and strength to break through harder materials such as brick.

If a career in construction is your goal, you should understand what basic builder supplies you should have. From simple projects such as building a deck to renovating a historic building, there are critical tools that every construction project needs. Even a homeowner skilled in DIY projects can benefit from having these essential builder supplies handy. Allow us to walk you through what these primary builder supplies are. 

A Hammer and Nails are Essential Builder Supplies 

You should have various nails because you never know if you’ll need longer or shorter varieties. It’s also beneficial to have different hammers available. A sledgehammer is ideal for knocking down walls, taking down drywall, or building wood. However, a rubber mallet is best for pounding surfaces you don’t want to damage. 

Power Drill

A power drill is optimal for projects that require more than a few nails. You’ll need a power drill because nails aren’t suitable for brick or sheet metal materials. A battery-operated power drill is convenient because it’s portable. However, keep in mind that the batter won’t last forever, and you’ll have to charge it. Always have a power cord power drill as a backup. It would be best to see what size power drill you need. The larger it is, the larger the bit (the part that drills holes). Therefore, you’ll be able to drill larger chunks of material. 


Builders use screwdrivers to lift weights or fasten two objects together. You can lift a board with the proper force by balancing a screwdriver under it. You can also connect two boards by using your screws. Some builders like screws better because they are stronger. 


Regardless of the project, all your materials won’t be the exact length you need. A saw is necessary to cut through wood and other materials. Power saws cut through materials quickly while a jigsaw rests on the material comfortably, so the user doesn’t need to exert much energy holding it in place. Table saws are ideal for cutting straight lines with precision, mainly for larger workpieces. 

Level and Measuring Tape

A level and measuring tape help you get the proper cut each time. A level measures whether a surface is plumb while measuring tapes help you know specific dynamics. 


Fisher Lumber can point you in the right direction if you’re unsure about what you need for your next construction or DIY project. We have all the builder supplies, lumber, doors, hardware, and other elements to ensure your next project is successful! 

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