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DoorThe right door can open so many possibilities – enhancing curb appeal, highlighting interior rooms, providing privacy or letting just enough of the outside light in to your home. Maryland builders, remodelers and homeowners looking for the perfect exterior or interior door have relied on Fisher Lumber to supply their next project.

Fisher Lumber has handpicked our selection of interior and exterior door brands to provide quality, flexibility in design and a variety of construction materials. French doors, glass doors, fiberglass doors and wooden doors are just some of the options we carry to match your design, including your home’s windows. For inspiration for your next design, visit our Designer Showroom gallery.

Exterior Door Brands

Therma-Tru Entry Doors

Therma-Tru exterior doors are preferred by builders and remodelers more than any other exterior door brand. Fisher Lumber carries a wide selection of Therma-Tru exterior doors for homes, to fit the style of your home or your next project. The Therma-Tru brand is known in the building industry for high performance in energy efficiency and comfort.

Simpson Exterior Doors

The Simpson Company has been making exterior doors for over 100 years, and earned a reputation for top quality wood exterior doors. Simpson doors are available at Fisher Lumber in a variety of wood species, designs and glass options. Depending on your application and price range, Simpson manufacturers doors from solid construction, or engineered construction that provides strength and long lasting quality.

Masonite Exterior Doors

Masonite offers exterior fiberglass doors, steel doors and glass doors. This range of construction materials is useful when trying to match your architectural scheme and budget. Fisher Lumber stocks the most popular Masonite exterior door designs, as well as harder to find panel styles and glass configurations.

Interior Door Brands

Simpson Interior Doors

In addition to Simpson’s line of sturdy exterior doors, the company also manufacturers quality wooden interior doors. With wood species and design options to complement any home or remodeling project, Simpson’s line of interior doors is a popular choice for construction projects that call for all wood interior doors.

Masonite Interior Doors

The most popular brand for interior doors among builders, Masonite interior doors are known for innovative door designs and a range of options to meet any budget or design. Masonite’s collections of French doors, closet doors and glass doors are among the best-selling interior doors at Fisher Lumber.

Lemieux Wood Stile and Rail Interior Doors

Lemieux interior doors have grown to be among the leaders in the wood stile and rail door segment. Lemieux is an innovative manufacturer that makes use of unique construction materials, technology and processes. Lemieux’s wood stile interior doors are available in pine, ash, cherry, hemlock, knotty pine, mahogany, walnut and even more wood species, allowing you to match your next project perfectly.

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