Why Western Red Cedar Is So Great

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Western red cedar is one of the strongest of all softwood.

If you’ve spent any time building or working with wood, you know that there are multiple types of wood available and each type has its pros and cons. Some are resistant to rot and insects naturally, other offer incredible strength and durability naturally, and others are strikingly beautiful. Different woods all offer different value.  If you’ve got a wood working project in your future, you should consider the many benefits of western red cedar. Read on to learn more.


Western red cedar is one of the strongest of all of the softwood. It is durable and stable, making it ideal for almost any project. It is much less likely to bow or twist, so you can spend less time looking for just the right plank. You won’t have to worry about the odd split plank either since it is resistant to common softwood damage. 



Ultimately, part of the reason that you use a less well known wood is that you want something really striking, and western red wood delivers. It is an absolutely beautiful wood with consistent color and grain and interesting patterns. It will match most aesthetics. 



Western red cedar is a surprisingly consistent wood. If you need the same general tone and grain throughout your project, this is one of the best woods for the job. Redwood has a lot more color variation throughout the trees, so the tone of the wood may not be consistent enough for your project – but you won’t have that issue with western red cedar.



The natural tannins in the western red cedar help to keep away most insects so that you don’t have to worry about bug damage. The wood also naturally withstands weathering and rain. 



This may be a weird bonus, but cedar smells really nice. That’s what makes it such a common choice for closets and chests. The aroma of the cedar wood keeps away pests, but it isn’t offensive to most people. 



Finally, western red cedar is an ideal choice for both inside and outside projects. It can stand the test of time, even on high-use areas like a deck. It even ages gracefully. Over time it takes on a grey tone and a gorgeous weathered look. Even after years out in the elements, your wooden project will still be useful and elegant. 


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