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As the area's leading supplier of AZEK trim, we invite you to come see for yourself why AZEK is the most trusted name in trim.

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Fisher Lumber is committed to reducing the environmental impact of PVC on our planet. Partnering with The Azek Company and Parksite Inc, we are doing our part to help turn today's hard to recycle plastics into a reusable resource, creating a more circular economy for plastics and a cleaner environment for future generations. As of January 1st, 2022 we will be offering a Scrape PVC Collection Bin that our customers can use to dispose of their leftover or unused scraps of PVC decking, PVC trim, PVC siding, and even PVC pipe. The bin measures 48" x 45" x 34" and can hold approximately 500lbs of PVC scrap. In addition to reducing the environmental impact of PVC waste, this program can help our customers reduce their disposal fees. These bins can even be delivered to your job site and used to collect the scrap on site. If you would like to take a closer look at the program or for more information just click on the link below or contact our store at 301-424-6500. As always, Fisher Lumber is committed to providing the best products and offering the best service in the industry. We are here and eager to serve. 

Full Circle Recycling Program
The AZEK Company

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The best builders understand that quality construction comes from quality materials. Fisher Lumber provides builders, remodelers and homeowners in Maryland and Washington, D.C. with top quality lumber, building materials, tools and accessories.

Our selection includes only the best materials from brands that professionals trust. You won’t have to dig to the bottom of the wood pile here to find lumber that’s straight and true and will stand the test of time.

Beyond our selection, our knowledgeable, experienced product experts understand the products you need to complete your job. They receive ongoing training on the materials they sell, and keep track of changes in the industry. This allows them to steer everyone from a new homeowner to the most seasoned contractor in the right direction.

Let us help you find what you need to get to work.

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