3 Reasons to Use Engineered Wood for Construction Projects

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There are three reasons you should use engineered wood for your construction projects.

If you have a big construction project in your future (or even a not-so-big construction project in your future), you’re probably devoting a lot of brain power to all of the different materials you have to choose from. Most people assume that their material options are limited to natural wood, unless they’re building a deck or a fence, in which case they could also use vinyl or composite. This isn’t the case, however. Engineered wood is a fabulous alternative to these traditional projects for most construction jobs and the truth is that you’re probably more familiar with it than you think. Plywood and OSB (Oriented Strand Board) are both examples of engineered wood products. If you need more convincing that engineered wood is the right material for your job, here are three good reasons!

It Is Versatile

Engineered wood products have been designed to serve different purposes and do different work. This means that they can do more, and do those jobs more effectively, than natural wood products. For example, laminated veneer lumber is designed for very heavy loads, which means that the individual pieces can be longer than natural wood can and the naturally occurring weaknesses (the knots) have all been removed. Other engineered wood products can be designed to be pliable for creating curved walls or other more decorative elements of a construction. Particle board is another type of engineered wood and it has many uses from construction to furniture building. 

It Is Strong

While natural wood can also be strong, they aren’t all always so, but engineered wood products are always strong – because they’re designed to be. With engineered wood products, you know what you’re getting with every single piece you buy, and that is the strength and durability for your project to last.

It Is Sustainable

Engineered wood products use parts of the tree that would have traditionally been burned or left as waste, which makes them a more sustainable choice. By choosing engineered wood, you’re choosing the wood option that protects our planet. There is a cost of creating the product, but at the same time, the product itself reduces waste and allows the industry as a whole to be more sustainable.

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