Window Maintenance Suggestions for Summer

Window Maintenance Suggestions for Summer

In order to keep windows in top shape throughout the summer, here are window maintenance suggestions we have for you.

The spring season is coming to an end. Many homeowners may have spent the season getting spring cleaning done around their houses. Now that summer is arriving, there are other maintenance tasks to get done at home. One part of your home that requires maintenance at this time is your windows. In order to keep windows in top shape throughout the summer, here are window maintenance suggestions we have for you.

Keep Your Windows Clean

When you clean the windows, make sure to clean both the inside and outside portions. After all, both spring and summer bring pleasant weather, so you may want to open up your windows from time to time. This increases the rate at which dirt accumulates. Fortunately, window cleaning can be done with a little bit of warm water and soap, plus some window cleaner for good measure. A soft cloth or squeegee is the preferred cleaning tool in this situation.

Inspect the Window Panes

Another part of window maintenance should include inspecting the window panes. Perhaps they’ve gotten cracked over time, which allows the temperatures outside to more easily affect your home’s interior. If you find that your window panes are damaged, think about replacing your windows so you can keep your house at a comfortable temperature throughout the summer.

Look at the Weatherstripping and Caulking

Your windows need to be sealed in order to keep your home’s interior comfortable. If you notice that your caulking or weatherstripping is damaged, you should get them replaced as quickly as possible. This way, you can keep your home comfortable while also lowering your energy bills.

Check on Your Window Hardware

Make sure that your windows are able to open and close. If they can’t open, that presents a serious risk in the event of a fire emergency because you can’t use the windows as an escape route. If you can’t close your windows, the elements can get into your house. That’s why you should replace any defective window hardware as soon as you notice problems.

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