How to Tell Your Window Frames are Damaged

How to Tell Your Window Frames are Damaged

Let’s go over signs of damage to your window frames so you can get your windows back in top form.

Homeowners are always working to make sure their homes stay in great condition. Unfortunately, with enough time, problems are inevitably going to arise. Some problems are more obvious, while others must be approached with a more scrutinizing eye. Today, we’ll be discussing one of the more subtle problems, which involves whenever your window frames sustain damage. Let’s go over signs of damage to your window frames so you can get your windows back in top form.

You’ve Noticed Rotting

This is one of the more obvious indicators that your window frames are in bad condition. If rotting has been able to progress long enough, you’ll be able to notice it just by looking at your window frames. If you see rotting in your window frames, you shouldn’t even spend time trying to fix or paint them. Instead, simply replace your frames because the damage they’ve sustained is too great to repair.

Your Window Frames Feel Soft

Another way to detect rot in your window frames is to give them a touch. If your frames are in good condition, they should feel strong and sturdy. What you shouldn’t feel is wood that is soft. If the wood is soft, and it crumbles easily, that is when you replace the frames that you have.

The Frames are Discolored

When your window frames are rotting, you’ll start noticing that mold and fungus develop on them. Mold and fungus have a tendency to affect the color of your frames. You might even notice paint peeling off of your frames. Peeling paint is a sign that you could have a water leak.

There are Problems With Your Window Sill

Your window sill is one of the first areas that will get impacted by rot. The reason for this is that the window sill is where water will spend the longest amount of time. As a result, water has the most time to cause damage to the window sill area. It’s for this reason that we advise you to closely monitor your window sill for any signs of wear and tear.

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