How Crown Molding Can Be Used in Your House

How Crown Molding Can Be Used in Your House

Today, we’ll be showing you the different uses that crown molding can serve in your home.

Have you used crown molding in your home before? If not, we feel it could be worth your consideration. It can offer a lot to your home, as it can be used in a variety of ways. Today, we’ll be showing you the different uses that crown molding can serve in your home.

You Can Embellish Your Cabinetry

Do you want to give your cabinets a new and refined look? If you do, then crown molding is perfect for elevating their appearance. You can use this molding to dress up your cabinet soffits. For those who don’t know, cabinet soffits are the spaces that are found between the tops of your cabinets and your roof.

What you can do is take a strip of molding, and run it along the topmost edge of your cabinet. This helps your cabinets to feel more distinct, giving any room a more refined look.

Use Crown Molding for Interior Doorways

When people first enter your home, it’s nice to make a pleasant impression. You can accomplish this by using crown molding on doorways you may have. With crown molding surrounding your doorway, you make your entryway more regal. Also, if the doorway leads to an elaborately-trimmed room, having a refined doorway helps introduce the style of the next room.

Complete the Tops of Any Partial Walls You Have

There are some houses with walls that go up, but not all the way up to the roof. Instead of having the wall go up to the roof, you can finish the wall by adding molding to the top of it. This will help partial walls to feel more complete.

Get Professional Help With Crown Molding Installations

Crown molding installations aren’t an everyday project for most homeowners. For this reason, we recommend getting professional help if you ever want molding installed. Molding experts will have the necessary experience to ensure a successful installation the first time. They’ll make sure to consider the vision you have for your home’s interior when getting the installation done.

Purchase Your New Molding from Fisher Lumber

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