Signs That Your Window Seals are Failing

Signs That Your Window Seals are Failing

Today, we’ll be looking at signs of problems in your window seals.

Many homeowners will have windows with seals on them (as long as they aren’t single-pane windows). Over time, these seals are prone to failing, and it’s important to detect problems with them early on. The question becomes: how can you tell when your window seals are starting to fail? Today, we’ll be looking at signs of problems in your window seals.

Your Windows Were Recently Cleaned, But They Still Look Dirty

If your window seals are broken, they won’t be able to keep dirt and dust from getting inside. This means that, even when you clean your windows, it won’t take long for dirt to pile onto them again. Sometimes, you may even find small bugs getting inside.

Keep an Eye on Window Condensation

Window seals serve a purpose for your home, and that purpose is to put a thermal shield between the interior of your home and the outdoors. This way, you can keep your home as temperature-controlled as possible, regardless of the temperature and weather conditions that are outside.

When window seals start failing, it results in moisture getting stuck between your window panes. This moisture becomes visible, and is known as condensation. Condensation is most prevalent when humidity fluctuates, and when temperatures are extreme.

Your Window Panes Look Distorted Along the Center

The way that sealed windows are built is such that the glass panes and vacuum pocket are supposed to be in perfect balance with one another. When window seals stop working, air starts to fill the space where the vacuum is supposed to be. This can harm the structural stability of your window panes. Ultimately, this will result in visual changes.

What to Do When Window Seals Fail

Damaged window seals are a problem for anyone’s home, so when yours start to show signs of failure, you should contact a window repair company to deal with the issue. Also, you should see if your windows have an active warranty because this can be a big money saver for you if the warranty is still relevant.

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