When You Should Replace Molding in Your House

When You Should Replace Molding in Your House

Keep reading to learn when you should replace molding in your home.

Good molding can promote a more elegant appearance in your home, and moldings can look great in both modern and traditional home environments. Regardless of what type of molding you have, though, there will come a time when you need to replace it with a new one, but when is the right time? Keep reading to learn when you should replace molding in your home.

It’s Gotten Old

Typically, you’ll get around 20-35 years out of your molding as long as you take good care of it. Without proper maintenance, you might start running into problems with it after 15 years. Since you can’t fix the age of molding you have in your home, the best solution is to replace it entirely in order to restore the look of your house.

You See Water Damage

This is something to keep in mind if you have wood molding because wood is susceptible to water damage. If wood gets exposed to excess water, the wood can start warping and bloating. Eventually, you’ll start experiencing wood rot, which will only continue to spread as time goes on. To prevent the spread of wood rot, as well as minimize the amount of damage your home sustains, you’ll want to replace your molding as quickly as possible.

There are Scratches and Dents

Sometimes, your molding gets scratched up or dented in some capacity. This might not seem as serious an issue as something like mold, but dents and scratches can take a toll on the aesthetic your home offers. Replacing moldings can be a great solution because you can restore the look your room once had.

You Don’t Have to Deal With Constant Repairs

Moldings of all kinds need repairs on occasion, but having to make repairs too frequently is a sign that maybe a simple repair is not the right solution for your problem. While you spend more money upfront for a replacement procedure, you save money long-term because you won’t have to spend money as often making repairs.

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