How Crown Molding Can Be Damaged

How Crown Molding Can Be Damaged

Today, we’ll be letting you know different ways that crown molding can suffer damage.

Crown molding can be the perfect way to complete the aesthetic of any room in your house. It can also be utilized to seal up gaps and conceal imperfect-looking areas of your house. Sadly, crown molding doesn’t last forever. Like any other area of a house, it will sustain damage over time, but you can extend its lifespan by knowing causes of damage ahead of time. That’s why, today, we’ll be letting you know different ways that crown molding can suffer damage.

Excess Pressure

While invisible to the human eye, your house’s support beams will contract from time to time, and your floors, walls, and ceiling will move around little by little. These subtle motions start to take their toll on your crown molding, and you’ll start to see it dislodge from your wall, and possibly see cracks as well.

This is a problem that can only be remedied proactively. By hiring a professional carpenter, they can take these motions into account and make sure there’s sufficient space between surfaces and moldings to minimize the damage your molding takes.

Damage From Moisture

Water can cause all manners of problems if it gets into the wrong places. When it gets to wooden crown molding in your home, the wood in your molding can warp. Usually, if water can get to your crown molding, it comes from something such as a leaking pipe in your home. Sometimes, when homes aren’t sealed well, rainwater can be another culprit. It could even be steam that comes from your kitchen and/or bathroom. That’s why you need to have your home properly ventilated and sealed. This way, you reduce how much water exposure your molding gets.

Pest Damage

Your crown molding could also be the victim of pest damage, specifically termites. Termites will be happy to eat away at any wood your molding has, so if your molding is made out of wood, this can be a possible cause of damage. To keep termites, beetles, and other kinds of critters at bay, you should prioritize caulking, and also get a painting company to help you keep your wooden surfaces protected.

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