Cleaning Tips for Wood Decking

Cleaning Tips for Wood Decking

Keep reading for wood decking cleaning tips that you can use this summer.

When the weather gets warmer and more pleasant, wouldn’t it be nice to have a clean outdoor hangout spot where you can gather with friends and family? This is what a wood deck can provide for you, but only if you take proper care of it. Fortunately, we know the steps that are needed to keep your wooden deck clean all summer long. Keep reading for wood decking cleaning tips that you can use this summer.

Sweep the Floor Boards

Your deck is going to get dirty as time passes. If you’re going to get your deck looking clean again, part of the job involves getting a broom and sweeping all of the debris that falls on your deck. You’ll want to move any furniture your deck has so that you can get into every nook and cranny while you’re sweeping. If there’s dirt between your deck boards, you can use a slim tool, such as a screwdriver, to deal with the mess.

Wash Your Deck

Washing your wood decking is another part of the deck-cleaning process. There are two ways to wash your deck. You could either use a soft-bristled brush, or you could get your deck power washed.

If you’re going to use the brush, you should rinse your deck first. Then, take a deck cleaner solution, and apply it to your brush so you can scrub all of the dirt and grime off of your decking.

Power washers should be approached with caution because too much water pressure will damage your deck. You also need to be careful while aiming your power washer. It should be aimed away from you, and it should be aimed at an angle instead of being aimed directly onto the surface of your deck.

Get Your Wood Decking Sealed

The last part of upkeep for wood decking is to place a protective seal on your deck to help it last. This way, your deck will be less susceptible to weather conditions like rain and intense sunlight. You’ll want to apply a new sealant every year if you want optimal results.

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