Rooms That Would Be Great for Crown Molding

Rooms That Would Be Great for Crown Molding

Today, we’ll be giving you suggestions for rooms that would work well with crown molding.

Homeowners want to keep their houses looking their best. If you’re looking for a way to promote elegance and class in your home, adding crown molding can be a wonderful way to do it. If you decide to install crown molding, the next thing you might ask yourself is: where do I install it? Today, we’ll be giving you suggestions for rooms that would work well with crown molding.

Living Room

One main purpose of crown molding is to bring attention to ceilings and walls, while also improving the design aesthetic of the room where the molding is installed. The living room is a room where people come to talk with each other, so providing a more elegant atmosphere by using crown molding can be great. Molding is typically best used to separate walls from the ceiling.

Dining Rooms

Whether you’re feeding your family, friends, or other guests, a dining room is the perfect place to impress others with the food you offer them. It can also be the perfect place to impress people with the aesthetic of your house. Crown molding can add that touch of elegance that helps make meals feel more sophisticated without feeling like it’s attracting too much attention. It’s a nice and subtle way to make meals feel a little bit more fancy.

Family Rooms

A family room can serve similar purposes to a living room, but there is a distinction. Living rooms are often at the front of your home, while family rooms tend to be closer to the back of the house. Because of how similar family rooms and living rooms are, they have the same benefits to be gained from crown molding, and molding should be used in a similar manner in both rooms.


You could also consider adding molding to the kitchen in your house. Kitchens see plenty of foot traffic every day, and they can also become a place for socializing. Because of this, you could think about adding crown molding so that your kitchen can achieve a more refined and chic look. Consider using molding to highlight your cabinets, as well as your ceiling’s edges.

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