When Wood Decking Needs to Be Repaired Vs. Replaced

When Wood Decking Needs to Be Repaired Vs. Replaced

Keep reading to learn when wood decking should be repaired versus replaced.

It’s great when you have a wooden deck in your backyard. They improve your outdoor living experience in a variety of ways. You can host gatherings, enjoy outdoor meals, or simply have a comfortable place to hang out on a beautiful day. Unfortunately, wooden decks will eventually sustain damage, and you’ll have to decide whether that damage can be fixed, or you have to replace your deck completely. Keep reading to learn when wood decking should be repaired versus replaced.

When to Repair Your Deck

If it’s possible to save your deck with some repairs, this can be a big money saver for you. Sometimes, the damage your deck sustained hasn’t compromised its structural integrity. To give some examples, perhaps you have a couple of loose floor boards. Maybe some floor boards are chipped or cracked in some way. Sometimes, the railing of your deck can become wobbly.

These problems are concentrated to single areas of your deck, meaning you can restore your deck to normal by fixing the problem areas. Those repairs do need to be done properly to ensure lasting results, however, so it could be in your best interest to hire professional help for the repairs if you aren’t confident making the repairs on your own.

When to Replace Your Deck

While some damage to wood decking can be minor, there are other forms of damage that are simply too great to repair. If the foundation of your deck isn’t sturdy, then it becomes extremely dangerous to stay on your deck, and you’ll likely need to replace it. For example, you can’t have weak deck posts, beams, or joists.

Another issue you could face is rotting. Since rot can spread, it’s very possible that your entire deck could eventually fall victim to rotting. If only a few boards have been affected, you might be able to save the rest of your deck by replacing the affected boards. If most of your deck has been consumed by rot, though, it’s best to get your entire wood decking replaced.

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