Keeping Your Wooden Deck Protected for the Fall Season

Keeping Your Wooden Deck Protected for the Fall Season

Here are wooden deck protection methods you should use this fall season.

If you have a wooden deck on your property, then you’ll want to keep it in good shape all year long. As we approach the fall season, there are new variables to take into account that could put your deck at risk. That’s why we’re going to go over ways that you can preserve your deck going into the new season. Here are wooden deck protection methods you should use this fall season.

Use Sealants and Stains to Improve Water Resistance

The weather can get rainy from time to time, and during the fall season, water damage presents an even greater risk to your wooden deck because leaves will fall from the trees. These leaves can retain water, allowing that water to cause even more damage to your deck. If you apply a stain or some waterproof sealant to your deck, you can give it the protection it needs to endure whatever types of moisture may come your way.

Going Over Sun Damage Prevention Methods

Water isn’t the only source of damage that could happen to your wooden deck; you also need to worry about sun damage. If your deck faces too much intense sunlight, it will cause the surface to fade, which affects the aesthetic appeal your deck offers.

To keep your deck looking its best, you can use a sealant, just like we had mentioned when protecting your deck from water damage. The sealant you pick should have U.V. resistance so that it can resist the rays of the sun more easily. You could also get some sort of cover for your deck, like an umbrella, pergola, or awning.

Keeping Your Wooden Deck Safe Against Debris

There are all kinds of debris that can affect your wooden deck, like leaves, dust, and pollen. These can all cause stains to form on your deck. Some organic pieces of debris that land on your deck could allow fungi to grow as well. For these reasons, you should routinely sweep debris away from your deck. Also, trim the branches on any nearby trees you have in your yard. This way, there will be a lower chance of debris falling onto your deck in the future.

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