Deciding on Crown Molding Color

Deciding on Crown Molding Color

Today, we’ll be helping you determine the best crown molding color for your home.

Crown molding is used on the ceilings and walls of many people’s homes. It can be created from many kinds of materials, such as plastic, plaster, and wood. One other aspect of crown molding is that it comes in many colors, but which color is the best one for you to use? Today, we’ll be helping you determine the best crown molding color for your home.

Think About the Material

The material you use for your molding could affect what color you pick, and you have many different options regarding what molding material you could choose to install. The reason is because some materials are easier to paint than others. Wood, as an example, cannot be painted very easily, while plaster is much easier to paint, which broadens the color options you have.

What is Your Home’s Color Scheme?

You also need to think about your home’s overall color scheme. For rooms that have plenty of light color in them, you might want your molding to have a darker color so that it adds a little contrast to the area.

The opposite goes for rooms that have darker colors. Instead, you might want to go with a lighter color for your crown molding. This can help your room to feel like it’s more open, and it can brighten the overall area.

What is Your Ceiling Color?

Your ceiling color can also affect what your molding color might be. There are two approaches you could take in this situation. You could either have your molding match the color of your ceiling, or you could go with a contrasting color. This will ultimately come down to what preference you have.

Consider the Lighting in Your Room

Rooms with more lighting in them can afford to have darker-colored molding. Likewise, if your room doesn’t have sufficient light, then you may be better off avoiding darker colors for your crown molding. You don’t want your room to have too dark an appearance as lighting can affect the mood your room offers.

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