Cedar Decking Maintenance Tips

Cedar Decking Maintenance Tips

Here are maintenance tips you should follow when taking care of cedar decking.

Spring is here, and that means more people are getting ready to spend time outdoors, enjoying the warmer temperatures. One way to enjoy spring weather is by spending your time sitting on an outdoor deck. Homeowners build decks from all sorts of materials, one of the more popular materials being wood. Among wooden decks, one of the options that’s been used for a long time is cedar decking. Cedar decks are known for their beauty and affordability, but there is some work that needs to be put into them to ensure that they last. Here are maintenance tips you should follow when taking care of cedar decking.

Keep Up With Sweeping

Every now and then, you’ll want to grab a broom and sweep up whatever debris has landed on your deck. You should do this around two times per week. By keeping up with sweeping, your cedar decking won’t have any big messes lingering whenever you want to do a deep clean of the area.

Sweeping debris away is also important because it keeps organic matter from finding its way into the crevices of your deck. This way, the organic matter doesn’t have a chance to rot and decay, and mildew won’t have the chance to form.

Wash Your Cedar Decking

Washing your deck is a fairly common maintenance procedure. A debate that some people have, however, is whether or not you should use a power washer when getting your deck cleaned. We find that power washers typically do more harm than good, especially on cedar, which is a softer type of wood. Instead, you should use a garden hose to pre-rinse your decking. After that, take a soft scrub brush and wash your deck with the help of a mixture of water and dish soap.

Stain and Seal Your Cedar Decking

By getting cedar decking sealed, you keep it safe against water damage, as well as damage from insects and rot. On the flipside, stain is a great way to provide UV protection to your deck while also raising its appearance. There are even some sealants that have stain included in them, allowing you to accomplish both tasks at once.

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