Signs That You Have Window Damage

Signs That You Have Window Damage

Here are signs that you’re dealing with window damage.

Windows are a foundational aspect of our homes. They allow fresh air and natural light into the house, offer protection against the elements, and improve the aesthetic of your home. You want your windows to last as long as possible. Eventually, though, they’re going to show signs of damage. You want to address these signs quickly so that you can fix your windows before the damage gets any worse. Here are signs that you’re dealing with window damage.

There’s Rotting Wood

Have you noticed any wood rot around your windows? This comes in the form of wood that’s cracked, warped, or soft. You’ll usually find this kind of damage around your window frames. If you see damage like this, it’s best to find a window company you can trust to assess and repair the window damage.

You Have Damaged Frames

Window frames are prone to damage over time. There are many ways your window frames could be damaged. For example, they could get chipped or cracked. You may also have problems with shifting. If you don’t deal with these types of problems, it can result in these problems getting worse, and you could also have a tougher time conserving energy around your house as a result of outside air getting inside more easily. You want to get a window company to come by and take a look at the damage to your window frames. They’ll have the best ideas regarding how to repair your frames and restore the insulating properties that your windows should offer your house.

You Have Moisture In Your Panes

Perhaps the weather has been rainy or snowy lately. Rain and snow both create moisture, which can get inside of the panes. If you’re experiencing this type of issue, it’s likely because there’s sealant failure.

There are various reasons why your sealant might not be working as intended. There could be severe temperatures that impact your sealant’s effectiveness, or the sealant could simply be aging. When seal failure occurs, it’s best that you get a window replacement done for your home.

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