Composite Decking Maintenance Procedures to Follow

Composite Decking Maintenance Procedures to Follow

Here are maintenance tasks to perform when caring for your composite decking.

Composite decks can improve the quality of living for any homeowner. Not only do they expand your living space and make your property look nicer, but they also don’t ask too much in terms of maintenance. With that said, composite decks still have a fair bit of upkeep to be done to ensure they look and function their best. Here are maintenance tasks to perform when caring for your composite decking.

Remove Any Standing Water On Your Deck

When we think of decks that are susceptible to water damage, we may think of wooden decks before composite ones. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep standing water off of composite decking. If you don’t remove the water, your deck could start seeing stains.

Perform Semi-Annual Cleanings

What’s great about composite decks is that they don’t need to be cleaned very often. Cleaning them roughly twice per year should suffice in most situations. Some homeowners may be tempted to use a power washer when getting their composite decks cleaned. While this is technically possible, it’s generally not recommended because power washers can damage the deck’s surface due to the force of the water. That’s why, if you use a power washer, you should stay at least one foot away from the deck’s surface, and fire the water at pressures that are below 2,500 psi.

Get Debris Out of Your Deck’s Crevices

The gaps in your deck’s surface are there by design. They improve the drainage of your deck by letting water pass through the crevices instead of piling on your deck’s surface. If any debris gets stuck in these gaps, it prevents water from exiting your deck. This, in turn, will cause standing water to develop on your deck’s surface. As we mentioned earlier, standing water causes stains.

For this reason, you want to keep the gaps in your composite decking free of debris. This will help water escape your deck so you can keep it stain-free for a long time to come, which in turn will improve the appearance of your deck.

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