Deciding Between Wood and Composite Decking

Deciding Between Wood and Composite Decking

Let’s discuss wood and composite decking at length to determine which one will be more preferable for your home.

Have you been playing with the idea of installing a new deck at home, but you haven’t decided on the material to use? Your decking material contributes heavily towards how it looks and functions, as well as how much maintenance you’ll need to perform on it. That’s why picking the right decking material is so crucial. Among the different materials you could use, there are two that really stand out, which are wood and composite decking. Let’s discuss wood and composite decking at length to determine which one will be more preferable for your home.

Let’s Talk Looks

When you want a nice, natural appearance, look no further than wood decking. The look of fresh wood can complement many outdoor home designs, meaning it’s highly flexible for aesthetic purposes.

On the other hand, you have composite decking. Back in the day, if someone told you about composite decks, you might think of decks that have a more artificial look. Fortunately, composite decks have become much more aesthetically-pleasing over the years, to the point that they can closely resemble the look of wooden decks now.

Moisture Resistance

Since your decking will be exposed to the weather all of the time, you’ll want it to have strong resistance to moisture. This is when wood decks can struggle, as wood is a natural water absorber, and once enough water has been absorbed, it can cause your decking boards to crack, splinter, and rot.

Composite decking doesn’t have this issue. When you get a composite deck, you’ll have a deck that can handle whatever moisture Mother Nature has to throw at it. This helps prevent your deck from deteriorating so you can get more years of enjoyment out of it.

Maintenance Requirements

The more time you spend maintaining your deck, the less time you spend enjoying it. That’s why it’s better to get a deck that has as few maintenance requirements as possible. Composite decking is perfect for this purpose because the only maintenance it requires is occasional washing and sweeping to keep dirt away.

Wood decks, in contrast, need to be painted, stained, and sealed in order to have sufficient protection against pests and moisture damage. Then, you still have to perform the same washing and sweeping tasks as composite decks, meaning wooden decks are more work overall.

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