Wooden Door Maintenance Tips

Wooden Door Maintenance Tips

Here are maintenance tips we have for taking care of a wooden door.

There are many charming aspects of our houses, and one of these is any wooden door you have. Wooden doors have a cozy and traditional look to them that helps your home feel more peaceful. In order to properly care for your door, though, you’ll need to know the proper maintenance procedures. Here are maintenance tips we have for taking care of a wooden door.

Get Your Entryway Dusted Weekly

Every week, you should take a little time to dust the entryway around your wooden door. Sweep the porch area, and shake out any dirt that your door mat has collected. Given that the fall season is just about upon us, you might also need to blow away leaves that land near your door too. After all of this is done, take a dust rag and wipe your door down to restore its lustrous appearance.

Deep Clean Your Wooden Door Every Month

On a monthly basis, you want to give your wooden door a deeper cleaning. This is especially true if you live near an ocean because of the accompanying salt, and you might want to clean your door more often in this case.

Your door should be opened during this deep cleaning because you want to reach every crevice that your door has. Before you start cleaning, however, you should lay down a tarp or mat because the area around your door will likely get a little wet. Once the prep work is finished, take a soft cloth or sponge with a little soapy water, and scrub the surface of your door. Avoid using abrasive tools, like steel wool, because you don’t want to damage your door’s surface. Once you’ve scrubbed the door down, dry it off with a lint-free cloth so that there’s no lingering moisture to damage the wood.

Polish Your Wooden Door Seasonally

In order to keep wooden doors looking their best, you should polish them once every three months. Find a wax or polish you like, and it should work just fine. Varnish polishes are preferred for doors that get more sunlight, and wax polishes are generally better if you want to conceal any scratches your door may have.

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