Tips to Follow for Proper Door Maintenance

Tips to Follow for Proper Door Maintenance

Here are some door maintenance tips that you’ll want to follow.

While we don’t always think about it, the doors of our homes do amazing work every day. They shield our houses from the weather, and stop pests and intruders from getting inside. Not only that, but they also improve your home’s appearance, at least when you take proper care of them. Right now is a great time to perform some maintenance on your doors, but where do you begin? Here are some door maintenance tips that you’ll want to follow.

Inspect Your Weatherstripping

Your doors should not be allowing outdoor air into your house because the weatherstripping serves as a barrier between the interior of your home, and the outside. However, weatherstripping can get worn down, which is why you should check on it occasionally to see if it’s allowing air into your home. This is important to recognize as quickly as possible because, when your home isn’t properly insulated, you’ll have to spend more money on your energy bill in order to keep your home at an optimal temperature.

Clean Your Doors

Your doors will get dirty over time, and when they get dirty enough, you should make cleaning them a part of your door maintenance procedures. All it takes is some soap and a little water. For any glass on your doors, you can use water with vinegar. Once you’re done washing your doors, you should rinse them off, then wipe them dry. Be sure you don’t forget the weatherstripping while you’re getting cleaning done. The weatherstripping can benefit from a small amount of furniture wax.

Check on the Hardware

Sometimes, the components of our doors, such as handles, knobs, and faceplates, can become loose or broken. For anything that’s loose, you should take a screwdriver and get those pieces tightened and secured. For any broken components of your doors, you should get those components replaced. You might also have a sticky lock on your door. If this is the case for you, it’s best to get the lock lubricated if you want it to function properly.

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