New Door Locks: Signs You Could Use Some

New Door Locks: Signs You Could Use Some

Over the course of owning a home, you may find that you do need to replace the locks.  Here are some reasons to consider changing your locks.

Some home maintenance activities have to be done regularly, while others just need to be done once or twice in the lifetime of owning the home. Changing your door locks is usually in the second category. Unless we are discussing a rental property, this is a task that doesn’t typically happen on a routine basis. Over the course of owning a home, you may find that you do need to replace the locks.  Read on for several reasons that you should consider changing the locks on your doors.  

It’s A New Home

replacing the locks on the doors to the brand new home that you just bought isn’t usually something that most people think about. The truth is, however, unless it is a completely new construction, you have no way of really knowing who has keys. The prior owners could have given or lent keys out to just about anyone, even on a home that has all new doors and windows. Play it safe and replace all of the locks.

Somebody Left

If you’ve employed people in your home or your home business who had keys to your home, you should change the locks when they depart. This is true even if they depart on their own terms and give you the keys back (they could have copies), but it is especially true if you have to fire them. Likewise if you have a roommate who leaves, replace the locks in case they gave out the key to anyone along the way.

The Locks Are Worn Or Damaged

If the locking mechanism is older and starting to wear out, you should consider replacing it now. Don’t wait for it to totally fail and lock you out of your home. It is always better to replace an older part before it catastrophically fails. Likewise, if it is broken or visibly damaged (like from someone trying to break in), it is a good idea to get it replaced. It is impossible to know how much damage was caused inside the mechanism and it is better to be safe than sorry.

You Lost Your Keys

Finally, the most well-known reason for changing your locks: you lost your keys. While it is embarrassing to admit you misplaced something as important as your keys, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes things fall out of pockets or bags and et lost. Don’t beat yourself up about it, but do go get your locks changed. 

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