Ipe Wood Decking and Its Many Benefits

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Ipe wood’s natural oils and density are also the reasons why this wood is resistant to most insects.

Have you never heard of ipe wood? You’re not alone. Many people haven’t. For that reason, Fisher Lumber is here to fill you in on its many benefits and why it’s an excellent option for decks. 

Ipe Wood is Rot Resistant

Ipe trees grow in the natural rainforest. Therefore, they contain natural oils and dense tree fibers. This structure protects an Ipe tree from mold and fungi growth, which cause trees to rot. 


Wood rot is a common issue that homeowners with wood decks face if they’re not using engineered lumber, if it’s not treated wood, or if it’s not a naturally rot-resistant species such as Western Red cedar or American mahogany. With ipe wood, you won’t have to worry about rot and can count on this wood type to last forever. 

Resistant to Most Pests

Ipe wood’s natural oils and density are also the reasons why this wood is resistant to most insects. The tree grows in an area that’s swarming with insects and needs natural protection from pests. If you’re thinking about ipe wood decking, you’ll appreciate that you won’t have to insect-proof your deck. 


Since this wood type is naturally resistant to insects and rot, you won’t have to treat it with harsh chemicals and preservatives. This eco-friendly deck option is a safer alternative for you and your family. 


Even without treating it, this Brazillian wood can last over 25 years. With additional care, it could last up to 75 years. It helps if you seal the deck with a rose-based oil production after the installation, which is all the chemical exposure you’ll have to consider if you prefer to lower your carbon footprint. 


Since ipe is a dense hardwood, it requires minimal care. It doesn’t expand and contract like other wood species during temperature or moisture changes. Ipe can survive decades of use without cracking or splintering.


Also, you can look forward to not wasting money on replacing splintered or broken boards. Plus, you won’t have to sand your ipe decking. 


Over time, ipe wood turns into a silvery, sun-bleached color. You can always seal your deck if you don’t prefer this aesthetic. However, sealing the deck isn’t necessary to increase its strength and durability. 

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

With this decking option, you won’t have to jeopardize style for performance. Ipe is a rich brown wood with red and amber hues. You can look forward to a sturdy deck that makes your backyard a more beautiful place to be. 


Contact Fisher Lumber today if you’re a homeowner looking for beautiful deck materials or a contractor searching for high-quality wood for your next project. Our lumber experts can lead you in the right direction. 

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