When Deck Railing Should Get Replaced

When Deck Railing Should Get Replaced

Find out when replacing your deck railing is a good idea.

While we try our best to protect the different parts of our home, there comes a time for everything when a replacement is needed. This statement rings true for your deck railing as well. Your deck is exposed to harsh weather conditions throughout the year, and when you combine this weather with pests, and possibly even misuse from people, it all takes a toll on your deck’s railing. So, when do you make the decision to have your railing replaced? Find out when replacing your deck railing is a good idea.

Your Deck Railing is Wobbly

Deck railing should always be firmly attached to the rest of your deck. It provides people with a sturdy surface on which to maintain their balance. When your railing can’t provide this stability, getting it replaced is the best option. Wobbly railing is an issue that will only get worse with time, so it’s best to get new railings before your old ones cause someone to fall and get hurt.

The Wood is Warped

Many decks are made from wood, and wood is a material that can get warped over time. This happens due to excess water exposure, often from rainy and snowy weather. Warped railing is a sign that water is eating away at your wood from the inside. This issue can even result in mold development, which can spread to other parts of your deck. That’s why you need to get deck railing replaced immediately if you see warping happening. You’ll know that wood warping is happening if the bottoms of your posts appear wider than the tops, your railing has lost color, or parts of your railing feel softer than the rest.

Your Deck Railing Has Pest Problems

Have you ever seen a termite on your railing? Maybe you’ve encountered a carpenter ant? If so, there are very likely more of them that you haven’t seen yet. To deal with this problem, you first have to have an exterminator take care of the pest problem so it doesn’t happen again. After that, you’ll need your deck inspected. Not only is there a chance you’ll need your deck railing replaced, but you might even need to replace the entire deck, depending on how much pest damage has been done.

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