How to Get Your Deck Ready for Spring

fisher lumber deck ready for spring

Get your deck ready for spring with these key tips.

While the groundhog predicted a few more weeks of winter, warmer temperatures are on the way for Maryland residents. As a result, many people are thinking about opening their deck to enjoy time outdoors with friends and family. However, before you break the deck chairs out, there are a few things that you should do to get your deck ready for spring.

Clean Off Your Deck

Fall and winter can be harsh on the surface of your deck, as leaves, organic debris, and ice melt residue cling to the surface. When you get your deck ready for spring, you should always start by cleaning off the deck’s surface. Use a broom to brush everything off the surface. After sweeping the deck surface, you can use an appropriate cleaner to remove grime and dirt. If there is lingering discoloration, it may be a sign of rot, and you should have your deck inspected to ensure that there are no deeper problems that might compromise the safety of the deck.  

Stain or Paint the Deck

Wood decks are particularly vulnerable to damage from moisture, and the high humidity and rain of Maryland springs and summers mean that you need to protect your deck now. As you get your deck ready for spring, apply a new coat of paint or protective stain. This will protect the wood from ultraviolet rays that could fade the decking material. It will also ensure that water cannot penetrate the wood’s surface and permanently damage your deck. 

Check for Damage

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to check for damage on your deck’s surface, bottom, and railings as you get the deck ready for spring. In some cases, the snow and ice of winter can lead to discoloration, soft areas, wood rot, or even missing screws or nails. All of these indicate that the deck might no longer be safe for you until repairs are made. When you spot an issue, it’s critical to contact a professional to assess the deck’s structural integrity. Now is the perfect time to have repairs made before the busy season begins.

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