How to Inspect Your Deck After Winter Weather

How to Inspect Your Deck After Winter Weather

After periods of heavy snow or ice, inspecting your deck is a good idea. Here are some things that you should look for on your wood deck.

Winter weather can take a big toll on many different parts of your home, and the deck is no different. Particularly after periods of heavy snow or ice, it’s a good idea to inspect your deck for any issues so that you can have repairs done before things are allowed to worsen. What are some of the things that you should look for on your wood deck?

Look for Debris

Even if you do a good job cleaning up leaves and branches hanging over your deck in the fall, they can still fall due to the weight of snow and ice in the winter. After a snowstorm when you inspect your deck, look for debris and other yard waste sitting on the surface. It’s a good idea to remove this as quickly as possible, as the moisture sitting on the surface can warp the wood and lead to damage.

Check for Damage

After you inspect your deck for debris, it’s a good idea to look for signs of damage. Some damage will be obvious, like a board that is missing or a portion of the railing that has collapsed. However, other signs are more subtle. Use a flathead screwdriver to probe damp portions of the wood that have not dried after the rest of the deck has. If the screwdriver easily enters the wood, it’s a sign that the wood is rotten. 

Remove Snow

If there is a great deal of snow sitting on the surface of the deck, before you inspect your deck, you can use a broom to brush off the snow. Avoid using a shovel, as it can dent or damage the surface of the deck since you are unable to see what you are doing beneath the snow. If you need to place salt on your deck to avoid the formation of ice, you should use very little.

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