What Makes Up a House Frame

house frame

What goes into making a house frame?

While you probably don’t spend most of your time thinking about house frames, it’s important for homeowners to get a better understanding of the components behind building a house.

Not all lumber is graded the same, which is why some lumber is more expensive than others. Today, we wanted to make sure you knew the basics about what makes up a house frame. Let’s jump right in!

House Frame Lumber Grades

When you look for lumber, you will notice that lumber has a grade of one or better, two or better, and three or better. The number-one graded lumber is the best wood that you could buy to build your house frame. Number-one graded wood will have less shrinkage and fewer knots than lower-graded wood. But as you would expect, the cost of the wood is more expensive if the wood has a higher grade. While you don’t have to buy the most expensive lumber if it is outside your budget, you still need to purchase quality lumber for a house frame. If you buy cheaper lumber to build the frame, you will generally run into a lot of issues down the road.

The Foundation for House Frames

After you decided on what type of lumber you are going to buy, you can then plan on building the foundation of your home. When the foundation is poured, a sill is placed on top of the foundation. This normally will run the perimeter of your home, and a house frame for a single-story home will be composed of a sill, studs, and joists. These three elements will establish the “skeleton” frame on which the rest of your house will be built on.

The Best Home Building Advice

While your home is being built, you want to make sure that you are on the same page as the contractor, sub-contractors, and architect. You obviously don’t have to be an expert at home designing or framing, but it’s good to try to be on the same page as everyone on the project. When you are, you will know more about how long the project is supposed to take, what are some of the challenges in building the frame, and what you should expect from everyone on the project. When you also know more about the material used to build the frame and who you are working with, you will feel much more comfortable about the project.

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