What is a Floor Truss?

Check out why you need to invest in a floor truss system to keep your flooring sturdy and reliable.

Check out why you need to invest in a floor truss system to keep your flooring sturdy and reliable.

Like any building, a home needs a strong support system to keep it safe and reliable. A floor truss helps to keep floors level and sturdy. Floor truss systems are a very economic and high quality choice for any home. The interconnecting system between joists goes above and beyond the simple joist system of that is common to other floors. Keep reading to check out why you need to invest in a floor truss system.  

Why Should You Use a Floor Truss System?

While a floor truss system might be a bit more expensive, once yours is installed, you’ll understand why it is worth the extra cost. A floor truss system can greatly impact the quality of any floor, especially hardwood floors. The intricate truss system helps to ease stress on the hardwood, which keeps it sturdy and better-looking for longer. It can also help to ease vibrations that are caused from people walking over the floor.

Types of Floor Truss Systems

There are two main types of floor truss systems used in designs. The first is called the open-web truss. With this design, top and bottom chords are attached to the joists with metal plates. There are many benefits to using this type of floor truss. First, it helps to ease vibrations from human movement in the house. Because it is an open design, this truss allows for easy installation of plumbing or wiring through the floor.

The second type of floor truss is referred to as the all-wood truss. The all-wood truss stabilizes the flooring very well. It also reduces any chance of the flooring weakening or being shifted at all. Unlike the open-web truss, this design has a series of support sections that create a pattern between the joists. For example, a common all-wood truss is a series of triangles that are touching in a pattern. This type of all-wood truss gives off the illusion of a zig-zag pattern.

Choosing the Right Floor Truss System for You

The type of floor truss that is right for your house mainly depends on the design and structure of your existing floor layout and system.  If you have a lot of heavy furniture, an all-wood truss might be the truss for you because it helps to distribute the weight around the entire surface of the room. In a room where there is a lot of foot traffic and lighter weight furniture, an open-web truss is more practical since it helps a lot with the vibrations of movement. Whether you choose the open-web truss or the all-wood truss, each are a great option to improve the sturdiness of your floors that can’t be offered by the joists alone.

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