What Makes Up A Home Exterior?

The very first thing you glimpse of a home as you approach it is the home exterior, which is usually brick or siding. This is, however, only the final and outermost thing which makes up a home exterior. While the brick or siding creates an attractive finish and final defense against rain and wind, it is actually the materials beneath which decide whether or not your home will be stable and architecturally sound. To learn more about a few of the parts that make up a home exterior, read on.

The Wall Sheathing


Do you know what makes up a home exterior?

This encloses a home and is the first part of a home exterior that is installed. The wall sheathing strengthens walls and allows water to drain away from the home, rather than damaging it. ½ inch plywood and ½ inch oriented strand board are commonly utilized in wall sheathing.

The Drainage Plane

For better drainage, wall sheathing can be either taped at the seams, wrapped with an extra layer of material, or reinforced with a combination of both. When a home is wrapped, a layer of building paper or housewrap is added to create a continuous drainage plane. Housewrap is a relatively new material. It prevents mold and mildew growth by allowing moisture to escape.

Exterior Windows And Doors

These can have flexible and rigid flashing surrounding them on all sides. This prevents water from leaking into them and directs it away from vulnerable openings. Doors are generally reinforced with steel for security reasons.

Facade Materials

Facade Materials protect the wooden wall sheathing from direct damage from different weather conditions. They also give a home exterior an individual and unique look. Vinyl siding and brick are two of the most common home exterior options, but they are by no means the only options.


Trim is a final aesthetic touch to any home exterior. It can be ordered already painted with enamel for convenience.

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