The Benefits Behind Wood Framing

One specific material can withstand them all: wood.

Throughout the centuries, builders have used many materials to construct a building. However, one specific material can withstand them all: wood. Here at Fisher Lumber, we have a wide range of engineered or composite lumber that is durable, secure and isn’t susceptible to rotting. We partner with TREX, AZEK, and Georgia Pacific to provide you with everything from floorboards to beaded ceilings. However, today, we’re going to discuss wood framing and its benefits specifically. Keep reading!

Good for the Environment

Because wood is renewable, it’s an excellent choice for those who are environmentally-conscious. It requires less energy to extract than other materials as well as less energy to manufacture it and transport it. Also, it doesn’t release as much greenhouse gas emissions in the way that steel and concrete does. Another benefit is that you can prevent climate change by planting new trees to replace the ones used for framing.

More Efficient Insulation

Lumber offers better insulation than other materials. Its level of thermal resistivity is four times higher than that of steel or masonry. Because wood has air pockets in it, it’s more energy-efficient and ideal for warming a house when the weather becomes colder.


A builder doesn’t need as many certifications when building with lumber. It takes more certifications to build with concrete and steel. Another benefit is that contractors don’t need to have extensive technical skills. When using steel or concrete, you have to know how to weld and utilize other special techniques which can take a lot of time and money. Also, repairing and replacing wood is cost-effective and straightforward. Lumber is inexpensive, doesn’t take a lot of effort to restore, and is visually appealing. Because of these facts, it’s suitable for any residential or commercial building.

More on Our Manufacturers


TREX offers decking materials that are beautiful with a wide array of colors, resistant to mold, environmentally-friendly, and low-maintenance.


Azek offers PVC panels, beaded ceilings, and trim boards to enhance the interior and exterior design of your home.

Georgia Pacific

Georgia Pacific offers a wide variety of wood made for construction purposes that is energy-efficient and moisture resistant.

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