How Do I Know if My Deck is Deteriorating?

Here at Fisher Lumber, we can help provide you with the materials that will help to make your deck sturdy and durable.

Here at Fisher Lumber, we can help provide you with the materials that will help to make your deck sturdy and durable. No matter the size or shape, we have the supplies that you need so that your outdoor living space can be outstanding. Our extensive range of lumber and engineered lumber is reliable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. If you’re a deck owner, then you already know about its amazing benefits. However, you may be unaware of indicators that replacement is necessary. If not, then keep reading. We’re here to share some signs with you today. 

Are Your Deck Boards Rotting?

Cracks found in lumber is typical. Some wear and tear over time is normal. However, if you notice an abundance of splits in your decking, railing, or posts, then this is a red flag. Splits in lumber make a deck unsafe, and you should call a contractor right away. 

Are Your Balusters Eroding? 

Balusters are vertical posts that support a rail. Nails, screws, and other connecting pieces can rust over time and cause a baluster to lose its support and strength. Therefore, it’s crucial to check for hardware that may be eroding or corrosive. Also, check for any screws or nails that may be missing. 

Rusting Bolts

Railings are safest when they’re firm and don’t move. If there are missing posts or balusters, then this is a safety hazard. You should assess this issue before it’s too late, and a severe accident happens.

Are You Missing Railings Altogether?

Ledger attachments connect to the structure of your home. They are the most critical component of a deck. Take note of rotting and make sure there’s adequate fastening. Lag screws and bolts should connect to ledgers to ensure safety. If your ledger is only attached with a nail, then this is another red flag. Your deck is in danger of collapsing.

Discoloration and Stains

Over time, it’s natural for wood coloring to change. Fading or discoloration won’t necessarily stop an outdoor living space from being durable. However, pay attention to the amount of discoloration. There could be underlying issues. Chemicals that come from cleaning and grilling can cause lumber to erode significantly over time. On top of safety being the number one concern, a discolored deck is also visually unappealing. If you think it’s time for an upgrade, give us a call.

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