How Do I Make My Front Door More Secure?

When your door is of high-quality, you can rest assured that trespassers don’t have easy access.

Fisher Lumber partners with Therma-Tru, Simpson, and Masonite exterior doors to ensure that your front door is safe. When your door is of high-quality, you can rest assured that trespassers don’t have easy access. Not only are they long-lasting and of high-quality, but they are stylish as well and affordable. If you don’t feel safe within the confines of your home, then it’s time for an upgrade. Do you want to learn how to keep your front door secure? Then, continue reading!

Solid-Core is Suitable

This option is hard to kick in or break. If you’re unsure if you have this type of door, then test it by knocking. You won’t hear an echo. If you do, then you can replace an entry door with metal, fiberglass, solid wood, or solid wood core.

Invest in Hardware

Here at Fisher Lumber, we also supply homeowners with hardware. A deadbolt lock is a full-proof way to make your home safer. Make sure that it extends into the jamb-door opening which should be extra secure with a metal strike plate. Another significant factor is making sure that the bolt doesn’t expose exterior screws. The deadbolt should also only lock or unlock from the interior of your home and shouldn’t have an exterior keyhole.

Secure Your Existing Locks

One way to secure your existing locks is to place cylinder guards around them. These prevent a trespasser from knocking bolts loose.

Install a Peephole That You Can See Through

Usually, peepholes are very tiny and hard to see through. Peepholes being small makes sense. After all, you don’t want strangers to see inside your home. However, your peephole should be visible enough that you can see who may be trespassing or may wish to access your home.

Don’t Neglect Back Doors.

Patio doors are also another entry point. Make sure that hardware secures them, especially in the case of sliding glass doors. Top and bottom locks work well to aid in safety.

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Masonite offers steel, fiberglass, and glass options. They offer harder to find panel options that will help your home undeniably stand out.

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