More Ways That Crown Molding Can Be Damaged

More Ways That Crown Molding Can Be Damaged

Here are other ways that crown molding can get damaged.

Crown molding can be a beautiful feature for any room in your home. Unfortunately, it’s susceptible to all types of damage, much like other areas around the house. We’ve talked about some of the ways that molding can be damaged in the past, but there are additional sources of damage that we’d like to discuss with you today. Here are other ways that crown molding can get damaged.

Extreme Heat/Cold

When temperatures get too hot or cold, it can take a toll on your crown molding. Both extremes can make the paint on your molding start to chip and fleck. Extreme heat will make molding expand, while extreme cold causes contracting. Damage to molding becomes even worse when temperatures fluctuate too suddenly and drastically. Along with this, if the surrounding area gets affected by these extreme temperatures, your crown molding may start pulling away from your walls.

Strong Impacts

Blunt force can cause damage to many areas around your house, and crown molding is no exception in this situation. The good news is that molding is located on the ceiling, meaning it’s harder to make contact with it in your everyday routine.

Unfortunately, there are still ways it can be damaged via impact. Maybe you were carrying something tall that bumped into the molding while you were walking. Perhaps an object was thrown at the molding on accident. In these situations, it’s easy to chip the paint of your crown molding.

What to Do When Your Crown Molding Gets Damaged

While it’s best to prevent damage from ever occurring to your crown molding, we know that accidents can happen. So, what happens if molding gets damaged? Well, the answer depends on the severity of the damage.

For minor damage, you can probably fix the issue yourself. You can fill in tiny gaps in your crown molding with wood filler and paint. If damage is more severe, however, you’ll probably have to call in professional help. This ensures that your molding is repaired to the highest standard.

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