How to Protect Your Windows From Damage

How to Protect Your Windows From Damage

Here is what you can do to keep your windows protected against damage.

Windows not only give us a great view of the outside from the inside of our homes, but they also help keep the outdoor elements from getting inside. Unfortunately, windows can be damaged by factors such as inclement weather, so it’s important to protect them as best you can in order to preserve their lifespans. Here is what you can do to keep your windows protected against damage.

Use Storm Shutters

Storms are an inevitability. One day, a storm will show up around your home, and when it does, you’ll want your house to be ready. One way to protect your windows during stormy weather is to equip them with storm shutters. These shutters will provide a protective barrier between the window glass and the outdoors. You can get shutters like these made from different materials, such as aluminum and wood. Some are opened manually, while others can be operated via remote control. This means that there are storm shutters to suit the needs of many people.

Consider Using High-Impact Glass

When you think of high-impact glass, you might think about glass that can defend against bullets, but there is more utility that high-impact glass offers. Like its name suggests, this type of glass protects your windows against objects that make a heavy impact on them. Perhaps there’s debris or hail that gets thrown towards your windows. Without high-impact glass, any window in your house would be more susceptible to shattering under these conditions. That’s why you should consider getting the extra protection, which makes them more durable against blunt force.

Protecting Against Condensation

This might sound strange given how common it is for condensation to develop on your windows, but this is still a way that they can get damaged. When your windows fog up, it’s only a matter of time until water lands onto your window frame. This is when mold can start to develop, and for metal frames, corrosion can also occur. To prevent these misfortunes from happening, you should use dehumidifiers in your house. These will combat any condensation you have before it has the chance to eat away at your window frames.

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