Signs That a Deck Repair is Needed


Signs That a Deck Repair is Needed

Let’s go over some of the signs that you’ll need to get a deck repair.

Decks are wonderful to have at home. They give us a place to unwind after a stressful day, provide an environment to hang out with family and friends, and help our homes look more beautiful. Sadly, decks don’t last forever, and over time, you’ll start noticing signs of wear in your deck that tell you repairs are needed. Let’s go over some of the signs that you’ll need to get a deck repair.

There’s Rotting in Your Support Posts and Beams

Rotting wood is never a good thing, and your deck certainly doesn’t appreciate it either. If you don’t deal with rotting wood, it will compromise your deck’s structural integrity. This is a common problem with older decks because they tend to be built in the ground instead of being installed on concrete footings like newer decks. Nevertheless, if rotting wood is prevalent on your deck, fixing the problem quickly is important so that the issue doesn’t escalate.

You See Footings Sinking or Cracking

Usually, your deck will be best off with concrete footings, but they can still have issues on occasion. As time goes on, soil may start shifting or eroding. If your footings get poured onto soil that didn’t get prepared the right way, it can result in your concrete cracking and failing on you.

Deck Boards are Cracking or Splintering

It’s not uncommon for the occasional deck board to experience these issues, and if it’s just one or two boards that need fixing, it can be done fairly easily. It’s a different issue, however, if practically every deck board has the same dilemma. If a vast majority of your deck boards are cracked or splintered in some way, you’ll need to get a deck repair done with the help of a professional contractor.

Your Deck Rails Come Loose

Loose deck railing can cause safety concerns for anyone using your deck. Fortunately, if you catch the problem in the early stages, you can repair the rails without much trouble. If the problem is allowed to progress, you’ll have to replace the entire railing.

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