What You Need to Know Before You Begin to Build a New Deck

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Make sure your deck is built to last!

Now that the warmth of spring is clearly on its way, you are probably dreaming of all the spring home improvement project you’re going to tackle. If you are looking forward to lazy summer afternoons sipping tea on the deck, but don’t have the deck part yet, the time to start planning your deck building project is now! Here are some of the basic things you should know before you start your deck building project.


Start by developing a plan for your deck building project. Use free deck design tools online, many of which include helpful cost calculators, to get an idea of what you’re in for. Measure the exact are you’re going to be installing the deck on when you are sorting through plans to ensure that you end up with one that fits your yard well. Keep in mind how you use your backyard as well, and the typical traffic patterns between the two. As you plan, set a responsible budget allowing for a couple “oops” moments if you are deck building on your own.

Codes & Permits

Before you start deck building, check local building codes and regulations before you begin. Make sure your deck plan is up to code before you start, or risk a useless and dangerous deck as the end result! Make sure that you secure a permit if you need one, even if you know you can get away without one. The permit process makes sure that you are doing things in a safe manner and will not trip you up if you decide to sell your home in the future.

Get the Right Tools

Next, it’s time to get all of the tools that you’ll need for the job. Typical tools include a framing hammer, tool belt, circular saw, cordless drill, framing square, string lines, chalk line, 4-foot level, water level, socket set, saw horses, extension cords, gloves, dust masks, a clamshell post hole digger, and clamps or a friend to help.

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