Stay Warm this Winter with Energy Efficient Windows

energy efficient windows

Keep yourself warm this winter with energy efficient windows.

If you find yourself turning the thermostat higher and dealing with sky-high energy bills this winter, the solution might lie in your windows. If you have older windows or notice that they aren’t doing a good job protecting your home from the outside chill and elements, it might be time to upgrade to energy efficient windows.

Start with the Frames

Window framing plays an important role in the windows themselves working properly. Older window frames can be spotted by their cracking or weathering. Even small cracks allow ice-cold air to flow into your home and cause drafts. Older window frames are also typically made of wood. Over time, wood frames will deteriorate, crack, and rot. Over time, major gaps can form in your window frames.

Double Paned Energy Efficient Windows

Double paned glass makes all of the difference when it comes to purchasing energy efficient windows. Old or damaged windows typically only have one pane of glass, that can work when it comes to keeping rain outside but not when it comes to reducing outdoor noise and energy efficiency. Double paned glass offers you twice the protection from outdoor elements, harsh weather, and debris.

Why Are Energy Efficient Windows So Great?

If you aren’t already sold on energy efficient windows, here are some of the many ways that they can keep you warm this winter and cool this coming summer:

  • Major energy cost savings (up to 10-25% off your normal monthly costs)
  • Less condensation on the inside and outside of your windows
  • More comfort inside of your home
  • Letting more light into the room so you won’t always need to turn on the lights
  • Longer lasting carpet, as carpet can suffer major fading from harsh ultraviolet rays
  • Less damage to your furniture from the rays of the sun
  • No more drafts and cold air moving around your home

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