What You Must Consider Before Designing A Deck For Your Home


Creating the perfect deck is easier than you think!

Whether you are replacing a rotted and old deck or designing a brand new one, there are many different factors that go into deck design. In fact, creating the perfect deck requires a lot of thought and planning. Here are some of our top tips for your deck building this upcoming spring.

What Do You Use Your Deck For?

How do you currently use your existing deck? If you don’t have a deck, what do you want to use the deck for? Do you spend a lot of family time outside? Consider what shapes and sizes will best facilitate lazy afternoons sipping tea. If you love to read on the deck every morning with a cup of coffee, give yourself a shady spot to read without squinting into the sun. Keep in mind that your new deck design can even include dining spaces, cooking equipment, and a pool or spa.

How Much Light Do You Get?

Depending on what you use your deck for, you might not want much light to hit the surface. You also should consider this when choosing your material, as it can fade unevenly if parts of it receive dramatically different amounts of sun. If you want to use your deck to get some sun and enjoy a dip in the pool, make sure that it is in a prime sunny spot. If you want to read or do work on the porch, make sure you have enough shade to concentrate.

What Seating Do You Need?

Depending on the size and shape of your deck, you can incorporate many different seating options. If you have a family and need flexible seating, use benches. If you like to enjoy dinner on the porch with your friends, you can use individual chairs or loveseats. Explore your different seating options, including built-in seating, to make sure that you will have space and seating for your preferred activities.

Fisher Lumber for All of Your Deck Building Needs

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