Must-Have Woodworking Safety Gear

Must-Have Woodworking Safety Gear

Woodworking can be fun and is a trade used by professionals and DIYers.

Woodworking can be fun and is a trade used by professionals and DIYers to complete various projects and tasks while showing off their skills and creativity. However, woodworking can also be dangerous and cause severe injuries and health hazards, so wearing safety gear while woodworking is important. Listed below are four pieces of safety gear that you should wear during woodworking projects and tasks.

Safety Goggles

When working with wood, a lot of dust and debris can accumulate, getting into your eyes, causing itching, tearing, aching, and other reactions. Not wearing safety goggles leaves your eyes vulnerable and susceptible to unexpected eye injuries. Wearing safety goggles helps keep your eyes safe and secure, protecting them from small wood chunks, dust, debris, and other particles that can come from woodworking projects and tasks.


Woodworking requires extensive use of your hands, so wearing gloves is recommended. Gloves come in various sizes, styles, colors, patterns, and materials. Wearing resistant gloves helps protect your hands from common and unexpected injuries that occur when working with wood, such as cuts, splinters, bruises, chemicals, and adhesives. Although gloves aren’t completely cut-proof, they are designed to reduce the likelihood of sustaining severe injuries.


As mentioned before, working with wood and various woodworking tools like sanders, saws, and drills can cause sawdust, debris, and other particles to accumulate in your workspace. Wearing a dust mask helps protect your sinuses, throat, and lungs, limiting the amount of dust, debris, and other particles you’re breathing in. Wearing dust masks or, in some instances, a vapor respirator helps protect your respiratory system during woodworking projects.


The majority of power tools used for woodworking, such as saws, sanders, and drills, create a lot of noise while you work. Just like our eyes, hands, mouth, and nose are essential; our ears are also important. Over time extensive noise from these tools can irritate and damage your hearing, which is why it’s important to wear earplugs or earmuffs while working on wood projects to protect your ears and limit distractions.

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