Creating DIY Projects with Excess Wood

Creating DIY Projects with Excess Wood

There are many DIY projects you can build, create, and design using scrap wood.

Often there are times when we do a project and have leftover materials. Excess wood from a prior project or construction job can be used in multiple ways to create many DIY projects for your home and workplace, saving you money along the way. Listed below are some DIY projects you can build, create, and design using scrap wood.


Purchasing premade shelves made out of real wood can be expensive. However, you can use excess lumber to build a shelf in your home or add onto preexisting shelving, bookcases, or cabinets. Shelving is great for keeping items organized and contained while creating additional storage space in your kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

Picture Frame

If you only have a little bit of extra wood, you can build something small and simple like a picture frame. Picture frames add personality to the rooms in your home while showcasing memories of you, family members, and friends. Building a handmade picture frame will enhance the room’s appeal creating a homey feeling.

Bird House

If you enjoy watching nature and being outdoors, you can also use scrap wood to build a birdhouse for your home’s exterior. Building a birdhouse is relatively easy and can be a lot of fun, especially when you include family and friends in the process.

Cutting Board

Leftover hardwoods such as maple and mahogany can be used to make a cutting board for your kitchen. It provides a sturdy and durable surface to show off your culinary skills while saving you money on purchasing a wood cutting board elsewhere.


Building a wooden coaster with scrap wood is relatively easy. You can customize it to go with the aesthetic of your room. Coasters are great products for preventing rings from accumulating on wooden and glass tables.

Wall Art

Show off your creative side and turn your scrap wood into wall art. Wall art is a simple DIY project that allows you freely design, paint, or carve, different colors, shapes, images, or texts into your leftover wood pieces and distribute them in various rooms of your home. It’s a great way to add originality, character, and creativity to a room.

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