More Must-Have Woodworking Safety Gear

More Must-Have Woodworking Safety Gear

Safety gear should be worn when performing woodworking tasks and projects.

Woodworking is a trade practiced by many professionals and DIYers. It can consist of fun, enjoyable, and challenging tasks and projects that allow you to tap into your creative side. However, along with being fun, enjoyable, challenging, and creative, woodworking can also be quite dangerous, resulting in serious injury when not using the proper safety gear. Listed below are four items that should be used and worn when performing woodworking tasks and projects.

Closed Toe Shoes

When working with wood, it’s advised that you wear closed-toe shoes, specifically steel-toed boots or other safety boots that are slip-resistant. Wearing these are great for protecting your feet from sharp objects, splinters, debris, and falling objects or wood. They’re also ideal for preventing slips in the work area and are comfortable to wear while working on woodworking projects and tasks. Your feet are an important asset, and accidents can happen at any time during woodworking, so it’s best to keep them protected.

Leather Apron

Often when woodworking, your clothing be a safety hazard. Leather aprons are safety gear handy for working with power tools and woodworking machinery that can catch onto your clothing. For instance, power tools and other machineries like saws and lathes can grab onto fabrics and loose articles, which is a safety hazard that could result in a tragic accident. Leather aprons are made of strong and durable materials, useful for protecting your clothes and body from flying pieces of debris, including wood chunks, dust dirt, or sawdust.

Push Stick

Push sticks are safety tools used to help guide a piece of wood through a power tool or woodworking machinery, allowing you to keep your hands at a safe distance away from spinning blades and sharp points. Push sticks help protect your fingers and hands from sustaining a severe injury while working on woodworking tasks and projects.

Leather Thumb and Finger Guards

Leather thumb and finger guards are safety gear useful for protecting your fingers, thumbs, and knuckles while using a knife to carve out wood pieces.

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