The Appeal of New Bay Windows

The Appeal of New Bay Windows

Before you commit to simply replacing your existing windows, let’s examine what many homeowners find about bay windows appealing.

When it comes time to update the look of the outside of your home, there could be many factors driving the decision. Perhaps you’re updating the look to improve your potential resale value. Perhaps the outside of your home was damaged in a storm. Perhaps you just want to love the way it looks (perhaps the best reason of them all)! Whatever the reason, exterior updates usually come in 3 flavors: siding, doors, and windows. Before you commit to simply replacing your windows with new versions of what you’ve already got, let’s examine what so many homeowners find appealing about bay windows.


One of the greatest benefits of their windows is that they let in a lot of natural light. Natural light has many benefits for your home and your health. Letting in natural light can help improve your mood, improve your comfort, even improve your productivity. Increased access to natural light can even help improve your circadian rhythm. The great thing about their windows that because of their angles, they allow light from all angles so you end up capturing more daylight during the day.

Volume And Views

Bay windows also help to increase the usable space in your room. They make rooms feel more spacious, and brighter. This is especially good for rooms and buildings that are small and tend to feel cramped. These windows are also an energy efficient option for houses that need more light. Installing bay windows is the perfect way to create a reading nook as well. Allow the bay window to be the center of the room and provide a lovely focal point and lounging space.


Because of the way bay windows are constructed, they allow you to get ventilation from multiple angles just like you get light from multiple angles. This means that you can get a great breeze regardless of which way the wind is blowing, and you’re not limited to just windows that face straight out in one direction.

Home Value

Bay Windows also improve resale value. They are beautiful and unique, they are striking from both the inside and the outside, and they definitely make your home different from the average one that people are looking at. Don’t underestimate the value of being a little bit different. When you have those unique touches it makes it much easier to sell your home, especially when those unique touches add such incredible value.

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