How to Keep Your Decking Protected Against Rot

How to Keep Your Decking Protected Against Rot

Read on as we discuss ways you can protect your decking against rot.

Do you have a deck installed in your yard? This deck can be the perfect place to hang out and unwind, as long as it stays in good condition. With that said, there are factors that can compromise your deck’s structural integrity. One of these factors is rot, as this can eat away at your deck if you’re not careful. The best way to deal with rot is to prevent it from ever happening. Read on as we discuss ways you can protect your decking against rot.

Keep Inspecting Your Deck

You should look at the surface of your deck every now and then to see if there are any signs of mold. Inspections should be done roughly twice per year, and possibly more frequently if you live in humid areas or places that rain more often. You’ll know that your deck has mold if your deck has become discolored in some way and feels soft to the touch. To combat moisture damage on your decking, and minimize the chances of mold growth, you should invest in a drainage system for your deck that keeps moisture levels as low as possible.

Invest in Rot-Resistant Timber

If you’re still in the process of building a deck, you can actually protect against rot in the installation process. This is done by investing in rot-resistant timber right from the start. Consider wood options like redwood and cedar when constructing your deck so you can have the most rot-resistant decking available. You can also add features like gutters and downspouts while you’re at it, which can help your deck stay dry more easily.

Get Your Decking Waterproofed

Since moisture is at the heart of many rotting problems with decks, getting your decking waterproofed is an excellent preventative measure you can take against rotting. You can add flanges, which are kind of like gutters since they stop water from building up underneath your deck. There’s also the option of getting an under-deck drainage system. These drainage systems are built for the purpose of redirecting water away from your deck’s beams and joists.

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