Custom Mouldings and Millwork Add Historical Elegance to Your Ellicott City Home

Crown Moulding

The crown moulding in this room lends the home an air of elegance and class.

If you are remodeling your Ellicott City home for the upcoming holidays, consider adding an historical flair with custom mouldings and millwork. Nothing makes a home more impressive than attention to detail. We can provide your home with several elegant touches—both small and large—that add authenticity to your historical home as well as raise the value of your property. Have a look at the custom mouldings and millwork that we offer to see if our selection is right for you!


Ornamental mouldings are a great way to add elegance, style, and authenticity to your historical Ellicott City home. Consider, for example, a crown moulding. A crown moulding adds flair to the top part of the wall that meets the ceiling. Crown mouldings make any room look bigger and more impressive and can range in their style and elaborateness. Or, consider the classic dentil moulding. This moulding consists of several small, square blocks of wood that are placed in a row with a little space between each. So named because of their likeness to teeth, the dentil moulding is popular in Roman and Italian Renaissance styles, and is an essential detail of many styles of architecture and interior design. At Fisher Lumber, we can make sure that your moulding is comprised of your choice of wood or synthetic materials.


Why constrain the decorative elements of your home to the interior? We offer several options for decorative exterior millwork that gives your home the outer appearance of a traditionally-built historical home. Columns outside your home can be made of wood or fiberglass, both of which are excellent choices. A wooden column is great for staining to bring out the natural color of the wood, and a fiberglass column is weather-proof, insect-proof, and low maintenance. Or, consider decorative door and window millwork. Fisher Lumber offers a range of decorative styles for both interior and exterior sides of doors and windows. Imagine the elegance of a home with matching exterior, historical trim on the doors and windows!

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