Energy-Efficient Andersen Windows Keep Your Arlington Home Warm during the Winter

Energy Efficient Window

This cross-section shows how specialized an energy-efficient window is.

Winter is almost here, and with it comes cold winds and heavy snows. You can lose a lot of heat in your home if you don’t have energy-efficient windows. Regular windows can’t stop drafts from entering your home. This cold air seeps through your window glass, falls to the floor, and makes bare toes feel cold. To keep cold drafts out and warmth in, consider remodeling your windows with Andersen energy-efficient windows. Andersen offers a wide variety of different types of windows, so you’re bound to find what you’re looking for! And because their windows are energy-efficient, you’ll save money and be more comfortable.

HeatLock Technology

There are ways to cope with windows that aren’t energy-efficient. You can apply a plastic shrink wrap to your windows to decrease the drafts that enter your home. But if you want to preserve the great view from inside your home and not have to put in the time an effort of manually weather-proofing your windows, then energy-efficient windows are the best choice. When you buy Andersen windows, you can choose to apply their complex HeatLock technology to make sure that no cold air enters your home and that warmth from the sun stays trapped inside. The interior side of the windows is coated with a HeatLock coating that reflects radiant heat back into the room instead of letting it escape through the glass. The exterior side of the window is composed of an energy-efficient glass, and the inside of the window is filled with an argon gas blend, which helps with soundproofing and keeps frost from forming on your windows.

Impact-Resistant Glass

If you live near the Potomac River in Arlington, then you may want to consider impact-resistant glass. This glass helps to protect against high winds and flying debris. Impact-resistant glass is reinforced by a strong plastic laminate that is suspended between the two panes of glass. This laminate helps to reinforce the strength of your windows and make them harder to break. Not only is this great for protecting against strong winds, but it is also great at protecting against break-ins! Stay safe with long-lasting, impact-resistant windows.

Environmentally Friendly

Energy-efficient windows mean lower heating and cooling bills. Not only does this save you money, but it also saves the environment! Andersen uses recycled and reclaimed materials to construct their quality windows. By using recycled materials and providing energy-efficient options, Andersen is promoting the responsible stewardship of our valuable natural resources. Not only that, but Andersen strives to meet Energy Star standards and is a charter member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Energy-efficiency is cost-effective and responsible!

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