Choosing the Right Wood

Types of Wood

No matter what type of wood you choose, you will give your home a classic, timeless look!

You can’t go wrong with classic, natural wood. A hardwood floor has a classic elegance that will never go out of style and a versatility that makes it work in nearly every room. They also last a lifetime, as well as gain character as they age. A rich, wooden door makes the entryway of your home look warm and inviting. If you want to make your deck look more impressive or your family room look more welcoming, the right choice of wood will do the trick. Choosing the right wood is an important step in developing the personality of your home. There are countless unique species of wood to choose from, but we’ve limited it down to our favorites. No matter which type of wood you choose, you know that your home will look classy and timeless.

  • Oak. Oak is traditionally used for hardwood floors because of its durability and its flawless wood grain. Both red and white oak are denser than the average wood, with white oak being slightly denser. Oak tends to have fewer knots, making it a pristine wood for hardwood flooring.
  • Maple. Maple comes in a pale, creamy white color with varying degrees of mineral streaks. Mineral streaks in the wood can be uniformly straight, slightly curly, or in small dots that look like eyes, called “bird’s eye”.
  • Cherry. Although a softer wood, cherry is renowned for its graceful graining and deep coloration. Cherry has a natural color variation from board to board, and for this reason many homeowner’s choose to use wider planks to show off the uniqueness of the wood.
  • Birch. Like Oak, Birch comes in two colors: Yellow and Red. Red Birch comes from the heartwood of the tree and is a deep red tone, while Yellow Birch comes from the sapwood of the tree and is a creamy white color with yellow undertones.
  • Walnut. Walnut is a rich, chocolatey brown color with fine, straight graining. Walnut flooring makes a room look natural and warm.
  • Ash. Ash is a very unique wood, with varying tones in color and wild graining patterns. Ash typically tends to vary in color from pale white to light brown.
  • Hickory. Hickory is another type of wood that is beloved for its unique color and graining patterns. Hickory is one of the hardest woods, and its color comes in bold streaks of creamy whites and soft browns.

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