Deck DesignDeck Design

Adding a deck to your home extends your living space into the outdoors, providing a relaxing outdoor space for your family and increasing the overall value of your home. No matter what size, shape or material you’re using to build your deck, Fisher Lumber has the materials and knowledge you need.

Determine the best decking material for your deck design

We offer a wide range of lumber and engineered lumber to fit any deck design you can imagine. We can assess the environment your deck will be installed in, your budget, and any other specifications to help you determine if traditional pressure treated lumber, engineered wood composite lumber or PVC decking materials are the best fit for your new deck design.

Once we help you determine what construction material is best for your deck design needs, our product experts will calculate exactly how much lumber, hardware and other accessories you need to complete your project. We carry everything you need for deck construction, and our experts are on hand to answer any questions as you start your next project.

Should you build your deck from engineered lumber in Maryland?

Particularly in the climate of Maryland, with our humid summers, cold winters and variable temperatures, engineered lumber is becoming a popular choice for decks, thanks to its weatherproofing and resistance to rot and decay. Engineered lumber has a number of benefits over traditional wood, including:

  • Resistance to rot, decay and corrosion
  • Insect resistance
  • Does not require painting or staining
  • Available in multiple shades and colors, ranging from reddish browns to grays.

Handrails, Benches, Stairs and Other Features

Of course, a quality deck design is so much more than a flat surface and the materials you build it with. Adding built in benches, staircases, and decorative railings can transform your deck design into a true work of art.

In our complete selection of decking and railing products, you’ll find everything from pressure treated handrails and prebuilt stairs to railing kits and PVC exterior trim.

  • Prebuilt stairs for projects where a pre-sized staircase will fit your specifications.
  • Decorative door millwork for interior or exterior doors is available in wood, fiberglass or steel.
  • Decorative window millwork to accompany any of our Andersen Windows or your existing window setting.
  • Screen doors, storm doors, combination doors in wood and aluminum.
  • Endurance Railings are available in kits that contain everything you need to create a safe, code compliant section of rail. Colors include white, earth and sand.
  • PVC Handrail for low-maintenance, moisture-proof applications.
  • ACQ Treated Handrail, for when the look of real wood can’t be substituted.